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Trees are shaped by natural phenomena. Each tree is given unique features by the sun, the wind, water and earth, and this in turn can be seen in each piece of wood through the grain, the colors and knots.
The essence of each NATIVO piece is a reflection and a tribute to nature.


NATIVO was born from a desire to share the beauty and extraordinary characteristics of Mexican tropical wood.

At NATIVO we work with the native species of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, at the heart of the Mayan world, which holds some of the most exotic species in the world.


Our mission is to pay homage to an incredible raw material by making pieces which preserve the natural essence of the wood in its purest form.

We use rescued wood from trees that have fallen in the forest, wood rejected by sawmills, pieces that can’t be used in ordinary carpentry because of their natural forms as well as wood from local sawmills that have recognized reforestation programs.


NATIVO design follows the form of the wood, seeking to emphasize the natural shape and individual features of each piece. This means that everything has a unique and unrepeatable personality.

All of our objects are handmade with the utmost attention to detail.

Nativo is run by the designer Ania Wołowska. the founder of ITZ- Mayan Wood Furniture, and it includes a talented team of master woodworkers and craftsmen, the heirs to an ancient woodworking tradition.